If you desire a swimming pool that is hygienic, comfortable, good looking and cost effective - and all this with ease of maintenance, follow these easy steps.


There are only six basic steps.

1.  Cleaning and Testing

Clean all pool surfaces regularly through brushing,cleaning of baskets and skimming.

Test you pool water regular to maintain the ideal sanitiser and PH levels.

2.  Water Balance

The correct water balance will ensure your pool and equipments longevity and also improve bather comfort and sanitiser efficiency.

Please visit our shop for free water testing.

3.  Continuous Sanitising

Maintaining the ideal Sanitiser levels will remove the risk of bacterial contamination and ensure hygienically clean and crystal clear pool water.

4.  Oxidising regularly ( Shock treating)

This chemical process restores sparkle to water by removing non-filterable waste.

5.  Preventing Algae growth.

Use a Algae preventative product to restore your pool when algae blooms occur.

6.  Filtrating and circulating

Filtrating cleans the water by removing dirt and debris.

Circulating is the moving of water to all areas of your pool to distribute chemicals throughout.